Vision of Washington DC and of our Nation at the Washington House of Prayer

I was in the Washington House of Prayer and I saw the Eagle that represents the USA; it had left its nest over the Supreme Court and it was circling the capitol for many days and even months and was so tired, it did not have a place to land. Freedom and liberty had no place to land in this country and the Lord was asking if his “eagle” could land with his talons on our shoulders collectively.  He said that he would not hurt us but it would be a firm-grip on our shoulders (and the government shall be upon his shoulders…Is. 9:6 ) but he is asking for our shoulders now, to carry the burden of prayer and the same weight, fervency and responsibility that the founding fathers had to carry where even their lives and fortunes were at stake.  It was awesome and heartbreaking at the same time.

I felt so sorry for this beautiful, great and majestic eagle.  Jesus said that the Son of Man had no place to lay his head down Mat. 8:20 and this Angel or the Spirit that birthed this country and that embodies its freedom in the eagle had no place to land and the eagle was almost falling out of the sky.  This nation is in a downward spiral and our very basic liberties are at stake and we only have a short time if something doesn’t change quickly.

We will be those faithful and interlocked “shoulders” that His government can rest upon.  And when “the eagle has landed” we will be infused with his power and authority to reign and rule on the earth for and with Him.

So, pray, God has told me that the USA will never be totally destroyed but she has to go through an major humbling and time of inner conflict and soul-searching to regain her footing and that the Constitution which is “ensconced in heaven” will stand.

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