G2DC is to partner with and honor those other “forerunner” ministries that have gone before and plowed the ground and received their marching orders from heaven.  We have a set of gifts and abilities and we are adding our gifts to the mix. Just like YWAM sending prayer teams and the other Houses of Prayer that are popping up all over, the more the merrier.

People are recognizing that DC is a global gate and what happens here, like Hollywood, affects the world!

Vision and mode of operation:

I always ask the Lord for a vision of what he wants to do in a new territory that He is calling us into and he showed me a picture of a “Bat Cave” like in the Batman and Robin comics and TV series.  Gates2DC is to operate in a stealth mode in “Gotham City” (Washington, DC) and that Batman would be training and have “Robin” helpers to accomplish missions against some of the “bad guys” (I won’t  say Jokers, but how about “Mr. Freeze?”) in Gotham, City.

Remember, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood…”. Batman and Robin had all sort of high-tech gadgets with which to defeat their enemies.  So it is with G2DC.  We carry many new spiritual technologies to bring down the nations’ spiritual foes.

G2DC is a Spiritual B2 “Spirit” Stealth Bomber which carries a massive payload and which can enter enemy airspace undetected and is called to fly missions all over the world through Washington, DC.  We will also bring the unity and power of alliances.  Perhaps we are here to bring expression to your calling in DC and to the governmental mountain? Maybe G2DC is the missing link for you and your ministry to go to the next level?  Let’s partner together.

Batman and Robin wore masks to conceal their true identity.  We do not need to be known because we are known by Him.   From the Bat Cave we will strategize and conduct spiritual missions to parts of the city where the Lord directs and where we are needed.  We will also minster to those influencers in the governmental mountain and help them to fulfill their assignments from God in this nation and in the nations of the world.  I can’t wait to see what the “Bat Mobile” looks like.  Yes, Lord, give us a Hummer!