Prophetic Thoughts on the Hebrew New Year of 5774

We have entered into Hebraic Year 5774 – The Year of the Open Door.
You have gone through everything that you have had to go through to get you through what is now coming…this is what the Lord recently spoke to me.
This is not the end of age it is the beginning of a new era.
Some thoughts that we addressed at a recent Tipping Point Dinner…

Warfare Strategies

The old warfare strategies will not work any longer; we must learn new strategies for our day.  We must operate in a new level of authority and power that Jesus has for each of us.  We must know Him differently – more intimately.  We must approach spiritual warfare differently.  We need to be proactive and not reactive.  We cannot wait for the enemy to attack and then “lick our wounds” and say “you better not do that again!”  We have to stop and neutralize his attacks before they begin.  We cannot afford any more delays in the fulfilling of our destinies.

The Time is NOW

We have entered a new “Harvest Age”, not just a season.  This is an age in which the Holy Angels will begin to go to and fro and thrust in the sickle. But first they are separating the wheat from the chaff.  The words of the prophets spoken from the foundations of the world are upon us. Jesus is held in heaven until these words are fulfilled. Acts 3:21. Look for fulfillment of every true prophetic word spoken over your life.

The Wheat and the Tares

The wheat and the tares (see Mat. 13:24) are now fully ready to be harvested.  Remember, they have grown up together and the tares are burnt up in the fiery furnace.  This means that every godly seed and every evil seed in your DNA, in your genes (your family line) is now going to come to full harvest and manifestation.  This includes society as a whole.  Is. 60 says that darkness shall cover the earth and great darkness the people but the Lord’s glory shall be seen upon you.  This is the time to (cut-off) the ungodly aspects of your inheritance in the Genome; receive deliverance and inner healing from everything that has held you back; these things shall expose themselves in your life; the enemy shall fully expose himself and there will be no “sitting on the fence” anymore; the world will know that there is a devil and that there is Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, the One True God and they will cast their lots for either side – completely, it is a time to be sold-out to God or sold-out to the devil.  This is a time of such deception that some Christians will lose their salvation through their compromising hearts and be deceived.  Beloved, watch and prayget into the Word and know what it has to say!  Conversely, many that we thought could never be saved will come into the Kingdom!  The lines are being drawn, deception is on the rise such as “Hyper Grace”, “Chrislam”, etc.  From such turn-away.

Your Level in Heaven is Being Determined NOW

God spoke this to our San Antonio Group.  Many the Lord said are sacrificing their eternal state of potential greater glory by choosing to live at higher levels of pleasure here on the earth.  But turn-away from the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life.  Just because you have wealth does not mean you are to spend much of it on yourselves!  Which life are you really living for – today or for eternity?  When do you want to receive your reward – now or in eternity when you can enjoy it forever? The Lord asked us.

Things Withheld

Many things have been withheld from the Joseph’s and the Daniel’s that have been prepared in the crucible of suffering but much shall be given back to them in this season and they shall show the way to others that will be devastated by earthly and material losses says the Lord.

New Goshen’s – Places of Refuge

Just like in Joseph’s Day, He found favor with Egypt and they allotted a fertile place of Goshen to his people; Goshen was a pace of peace and prosperity and abundance during the seven years of lack.  God, likewise is doing this today; some cities will be like Heaven on Earth; it all depends on the leadership in a city; In Rev. 3:20 Jesus stands at the door of our cities. Christian’s rise-up and enter politics at any level;  you can determine if your city is a Goshen or not!
Obedience and steadfastness have been paramount in the testing season that we have just been through as Josephs but NOW, 2013 and 2014 is our season to come forth.
Beloved, again I say watch and pray and your redemption will draw near.  The fulfillment of your prophetic purposes is occurring!

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