Gates 2 DC Launch

Gates 2 DC Launch

March 2nd-4th, 2012


My trip to Washington, DC began with the New Canaan Society (NCS) National Meeting.  NCS is named after New Canaan, Connecticut where the first chapter was formed.   Now, NCS, normally an East Coast fellowship has aligned with another group from the West Coast to span the entire US.  With upwards of 850 “Brudders” (Brudders is the way that the Dutch pronounce the word “brothers”), this was truly a fantastic conference.  WISE Ministries got to minister to some major influencers in all seven societal spheres, but especially those in the Governmental sphere.  Two wonderful ladies joined us to “man” the table and to pray for attendees, thus freeing me up – thank you Eva and Nicki.  They were from the local Healing Rooms ministry and very prophetic.

I was privileged to attend a Solemn Assembly in an Ethiopian church in DC.  BTW, in case you did not know, Ethiopians are Jewish!  We prayed for our president and for our nation and especially for what I call a Global Gate – Washington, DC.  I was privileged to be able to minister to 2 of the major leaders of the Houses of Prayer in Washington.  The first was the leader of “Fire and Fragrance” Movement, Brandon.  Not sure of his last name though.  F&F is a combination of YWAM and The Burn 24×7 Movement.  The second leader was a spiritual son of Lou Engle, Matt Lockett.  Matt is the leader of the Justice House of Prayer in DC.  I also met Jason Hersey who is going to have 40 days of prayer, worship and fasting for the 2012 elections IN FRONT of the White House at Ellipse Park!  He made that particular announcement at the meeting.  Prayer Warriors are flooding Washington, putting feet to their prayers and it was great to be a part of this meeting.  Gates2DC is glad to join them!

Next, we visited “The Gate” Church in Virginia which is the home of one of our clients, a forerunner, named Deborah Jenks.  I met her pastors and they welcomed Gates2DC into the region and blew a shofar over me!  What a wonderful church and leadership.  We humbly enter DC in a spirit of submission and honor to those that have gone before and paved the way.  The Gate is our church in Washington, DC!  Also, worthy of note is that Pastors, David and his wife were on the board of the Late Jill Austin.  Jill is someone who I wanted to bring to Austin, but she passed into eternity before I could.   James Goll said he knew of no one who walked more in the raw power of God than Jill.  Obviously Gates2DC is connected to The Gate – another ministry that has the mindset of opening spiritual gates of access and provision.

Finally on Sunday, my friend and host Dennis Kelly (we go back to the 2005 ICCC National Meeting in DC and served on the board of the ICCC together) and I co-led a meeting in the basement of his huge home in Maryland.  Now, I want to say that my friend and fellow Austinite Bruce Cook invited me to the National ICCC meeting in Washington, DC back in 2005 and he and I and a lady from California named Lavonne ministered to about 50 people in a room for over 4 hours.  I had never felt such a raw power of the Spirit as I felt at that meeting that night.  God made a deposit in me in DC!  The anointing lingered for days.  My marketplace ministry began seven years ago in Washington, DC and here I am seven years later returning the favor and opening up gates!  WISE has come full circle.  Dennis also received his first-ever prophetic words from Bruce and me at that meeting in 2005. He still has it and plays it because it spoke into his circumstance and “rocked” his world.

Dennis calls the basement of his home “The Cave” instead of Billy Graham’s “The Cove” – a little humor here.  He named it after the Biblical Cave of Adulum where David trained his “mighty men”.

I always ask the Lord for a vision of what he wants to do in a new territory that He is calling us into and he showed me a picture of a “Bat Cave” like in the Batman and Robin comics and TV series.  Gates2DC is to operate in a stealth mode in “Gotham City” (Washington, DC) and that Batman would be training and have “Robin” helpers to accomplish missions against some of the “bad guys” (I won’t  say Jokers, but how about “Mr. Freeze?”) in Gotham, City.  Remember, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood…”. Batman and Robin had all sort of high-tech gadgets with which to defeat their enemies.  So it is with G2DC.  We carry many new spiritual technologies to bring down the nations’ spiritual foes.

G2DC is a Spiritual B2 “Spirit” Stealth Bomber which carries a massive payload and which can enter enemy airspace undetected and is called to fly missions all over the world through Washington, DC.  We will also bring the unity and power of alliances.  Perhaps we are here to bring expression to your calling in DC and to the governmental mountain? Maybe G2DC is the missing link for you and your ministry to go to the next level?  Let’s partner together.   Batman and Robin wore masks to conceal their true identity.  We do not need to be known because we are known by Him.  From the Bat Cave we will strategize and conduct spiritual missions to parts of the city where the Lord directs and where we are needed.  We will also minster to those influencers in the governmental mountain and help them to fulfill their assignments from God in this nation and in the nations of the world.  I can’t wait to see what the “Bat Mobile” looks like.  For now it is a 2006 Dodge Caravan (inside joke).

It is kind of funny that I am from Austin, TX, a place that has the second largest Mexican Freetail bat population in the world.  Perhaps you have seen the bats depart into the night under the famous Congress Avenue Bridge?

What looked like a meeting to discuss intercession for businesses and ministries then turned into a meeting where God “launched” Gates2DC.  We had 18-or so people present and they represented such a wide array of governmental functions and spheres.  We had a lady who has befriended and ministers to the wives of senators.  We had a gentleman who is responsible for half of the companies listed on a major stock exchange that is a household name.  We had an aspiring inventor to whom God has given some truly world-changing ideas.  God imparted unto them all and spoke powerfully into their lives.  I am humbled that God “set us up” to launch G2DC.  I did not ask Him to do it.  It just happened.  We began singing and the glory of God fell.  Afterwards, I asked if they would welcome me to come and train them in the things of the Spirit and in their Weapons of Warfare and they all said “yes”.  So, there you have it folks, welcome a new baby into the Washington, DC area, Gates2DC.  There is much more to come – like the famous song “we have only just begun”.

Maybe you are one of my ‘Robin’s”?  DC is shifting.  “Heaven’s to DC, Batman, did you feel that earthquake?”  Read my article on the earthquake in DC here.

Charles Robinson, Gates 2 “What’s Next, Lord?” – Opening up global gates of access and provision for God’s people.  Making a way for Heaven to come to earth and establishing the Kingdom.   Infusing and influencing the influencers that will further infuse and influence other influencers.

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